Cleveland High School Booster Club
Criteria and Process for Request of Financial Support


The purpose of CHS Booster Club is to promote and support student athletes and their programs. One way in which Booster Club meets this goal is to raise funds that can then be provided to CHS for athletic programs or for individual CHS athletic programs in need of financial support. The following criteria for funding requests have been established in order to provide a consistent and equitable distribution of funds to all programs.  Parent representatives of the individual programs are asked to review these criteria, complete the required form when submitting a request for financial support and attend a Booster Club meeting to present to the Board the request for funding and answer any necessary questions. If the request is coming from CHS Athletic Department the Athletic Director or designee will prepare the information and present the information to the Board.  


Funding Criteria 


1. Eligible Recipients: All CHS athletic programs sanctioned by the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA) and approved CHS Athletic Club programs such as; Lacrosse, Ski Team are eligible for Booster Club support.

2. Items that will be considered for funding typically will benefit the program as a whole, rather than an individual and will be used for multiple seasons; i.e. equipment, supplies. Other requests may be considered if the identified needs for support are things such as; tournament or invitational fees. Requests that will typically not be considered include items that will not contribute to the success of the program and are not durable, such as payment for coaches, team banquets and celebrations, and non-player apparel (coach and parent apparel).

3. Uniforms for the OSAA teams are the responsibility of PPS and requests should be made to the CHS- Athletic Director. Requests for funding of uniforms will be considered only after request has been made to the CHS-AD, and under other circumstances such as; increased number of student athletes who are participating, warm-ups that may be in addition to uniforms (ex. track, swimming) and club teams who do not get CHS-AD funding. In the spirit of CHS school unity the Booster Club will only support team requests for uniforms that promote Green and Gold, CHS original school colors.

4. Programs are expected to have participated in fundraising activities to support a significant portion of their funding needs and must submit a brief budget summary.

5. Programs receiving funding are expected to have contributed to and support CHS Booster Club and will be able to document this support.


6. Funding requests up to $500 typically will be considered, only one request per year will be considered. At times the Booster Club may consider a greater amount of funding based on the numbers of student-athletes on the team, or some unique situations.

7. CHS Booster Club is committed to supporting all CHS athletic programs and CHS athletic clubs but due to limitations in funding special consideration may be given to programs;

  • who have volunteered time and effort in Booster Club activities such as; board and membership meetings, concession stand, work projects, membership, etc…

  • for programs that will benefit the largest number of CHS students.

  • that may not have any other sources of funding are available.

Funding Request Procedures 


1. Download and complete the Booster Club Request for Financial Support Form.

2. Submit request to Booster Club president prior to the monthly meeting so it may be placed on the agenda for consideration by clicking emailing to

3. Attend the Booster Club meeting to present the request and be prepared to answer questions about the program and need for financial assistance. Most often this is the Booster Club Team representative who presents the information.

4. If a program does not have a Booster Club Parent Representative, consider adding one in order to stay well informed and supported by Booster Club. It is not the responsibility of the teams coach to present this request.